Eco Living: 10 Reasons

For many of us it may seem impossible to be living a 100% sustainable lifestyle; most of the products we buy are packaged in plastic and many of our habits just might be more harmful to the earth than we may realize. The steps we take don’t have to be big and overwhelming, many times taking small steps can be more … More Eco Living: 10 Reasons

Living With Intent

Intent is something we must have, it’s the platform of our actions. It’s answers the question: Why did you do that? Your answer is going to make or break you at this point. Background Betting Know the background. What are you trying to do or say? Has someone done something like this before? What were they trying to … More Living With Intent

5 Tips on Reducing Our Carbon Footprints

In today’s culture, it seems nearly impossible live a fully sustainable life. Many times “staying connected” means that you are tapped into technology and typically implies an inefficient use of energy and power. Our inefficient paths we choose to stay”connected” is like the “carbon” of our footprint we leave on the earth. Mindful Consumption Be Open To Alternatives Start … More 5 Tips on Reducing Our Carbon Footprints

Who, What, Why

This website is to act as the manifesto of my collections. In my posts you will find some of my refined inspirations, thought processes and most importantly the “why” to my works. Make sure to visit our website at for more! Who We Are: Gokotta Design is a contemporary fashion house that designs leisurewear for men and women with handcrafted textiles. Our … More Who, What, Why