Taylor & The Studio


Taylor Dosier is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a BFA in Fashion Design. The focus behind the clothing is to provide alternative products that support slow fashion and an eco-friendly lifestyle where it is essential to live respectfully towards the earth.

Craft — Products that have the quality of timelessness, it is important to us that the materials we use does not harm or exhaust our planet of its resources.

 Creativity — Creative solutions are always around, it’s up to us to seek them.

 Character — Honesty, quality and respect are highly valued by us.

Taylor Dosier is a designer who works with natural, earth friendly textiles and obtains diversified skills in Adobe CAD, Illustration, Sewing, Design, Pattern-making and more.  Sewing has been a big part of her life for 10+ years along with ideation and design.

In her free time she enjoys reading, hiking, tennis, long boarding, pooling and boating.