the Language of Movement

Body language is a powerful expression that many of us may undervalue. Our physical gestures have a big impact on our surroundings and once we realize what types of signals we are sending it can make quite a difference when it comes to interacting with others.

Self Expresion

The way you move says a lot about your presence; it’s how you flow through life. Movement is a combination physical and intellectual aspects. It’s how your body and mind express their connection, not only with each other, but also with external settings.

Silent Communication

How you physically interact with others plays just as big of a role as does verbal communication. If someone is not saying something with words, their body will somehow give it away. The smallest cues can lead to the biggest clues.

A Way of Connection

Movement is a way of expressing the connection between your mind and body.  With our bodies we are capable of interacting with our surroundings such as people, places and things. The mind is what brings motion to the body and decides exactly how a certain emotion or act is going to be communicated. Many times there’s a disconnection between our thoughts and actions; the thing that can bridge the disconnection is awareness and responsibility of your initial intent.

A Learning Tool

Next time you are in a social environment take notice of how you feel and how you are holding yourself. Do you feel isolated? Could it be because you are standing slightly further away from the crowd and holding your torso and hugging yourself? It could be the opposite where you feel you are the center of attention and your body is taking up as much space as you possibly can. Maybe you have found yourself somewhere balanced in the middle. Once you have taken noticed of this, look around and watch how others are holding themselves. Appreciate their presence and how it’s playing a role in their current conversation(s)/setting.


Recognizing the most basic gestures gives you more insight on your current social settings. Many small gestures can be telltale signs that what the speaker is thinking may or may not add up to what they are saying. Body language is always a helpful thing to think about when it comes to communicating. If it’s not something you’re normally conscious about, research power poses and see how they help you!

The video I linked is a great one to watch and shows the power that body language holds.


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