Fast Fashion, Slow Fashion

You may or may not have heard the terms fast fashion and slow fashion. The terms are pretty self explanatory and easy to understand, but what we don’t realize is the impact that they have on us and our environment.

Slow Fashion – When clothing is made to last. Quality is taken into account during each step of the process. These garments cost a bit more, but can be handed down for generations.

Fast Fashion – A fast paced cycle that quickly reproduces styles from the most recent season in order to keep up with the latest trends. The clothes are typically manufactured with very low quality and therefor do not last very long (in some case only a couple months). Garments at this point become almost disposable.

Fast Fashion has become a result of newer buying habits we have developed. It was not too long ago when clothing was handed down from generation to generation. Only a couple hundred years ago sleeves were taken off, handed down then sewn onto the body of a new garment. When these clothes were made, they were made to be durable enough to be handed down and transformed to something new time after time.

The construction of clothing is not what it used to be, but that is not necessarily a terrible thing because it is only temporary. With contemporary design (two or more things happening at once) it is very important to know the historical context of each movement in order to take the most efficient components and combine them together in a simple and seamless manner.

Each side of fast and slow fashion has its pros and cons that need to be considered in order to find a happy medium. While slow fashion conserves a lot more fabric and gives each garment more meaning, it would not be able to stand up to today’s quick demands. Fast fashion on the other hand can keep up with the trends and demands while remaining affordable to the masses. Fast fashion has allowed trendy styles to become much more accessible to most of the population (amazing!). On the other hand though, is ruining the earth by mindlessly wasting our resources really worth keeping up with the trends? In my opinion, definitely not. I believe it has gone a bit overboard.

This is the great thing about contemporary design, it’s all about taking the best of everything while keeping it minimal, essentials only.

What are your thoughts on slow fashion vs. fashion? Let me know what you think in the comments below, I’d love to hear them!


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