Eco Living: 10 Reasons

For many of us it may seem impossible to be living a 100% sustainable lifestyle; most of the products we buy are packaged in plastic and many of our habits just might be more harmful to the earth than we may realize. The steps we take don’t have to be big and overwhelming, many times taking small steps can be more effective. Small steps add up over time and they make it easier to fit in with daily habits and routines.

Here are 10 reasons we should take a step toward eco-friendly living:

1. Intentional Living

2. Respect for Mother Nature

3. Limited Resources That Need to be Used Wisely

4. Take Responsibility

5. Keep This World Rolling

6. Sharing is Caring

7. Your Health and the Health of Others

8. What Goes Around Comes Around

9. You Are Your Surroundings

10. It’s What You Owe this World


I must admit that I do not live 100% sustainably or off the grid, my blog is created to
raise more awareness of the repercussions inflicted on our environment due to human behaviors.

Tell us some steps you have taken in order to obtain a more sustainable way of living in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “Eco Living: 10 Reasons

  1. Great post, and leaves a lot to think about! We are trying to cut toxic ingredients from our house, by making our own laundry detergent, shampoos, and soaps etc. We are about to buy our own homestead so we can step it up a notch!


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