Living With Intent

Intent is something we must have, it’s the platform of our actions. It’s answers the question: Why did you do that? Your answer is going to make or break you at this point.

Background Betting

Know the background. What are you trying to do or say? Has someone done something like this before? What were they trying to do and how did people respond? Did the outcome line up with what they were initially trying to achieve? Why or why not? How could you improve on this?

Why Not? Just because you can doesn’t mean you should…

Now that you have done your research are you still confident with your idea? Is there a reason nobody has done this before? If somebody has already done something similar to what you are thinking about doing, what were the consequences? Would you be able to manage the worst case scenario if it happens to you? Be prepared for the worst, but pray for the best.

Get Your Ducks In a Row…but remember, 9 doesn’t come before 3.

Don’t get ahead of yourself, stay calm and keep committed.

There are so many questions to ponder, but once you have set an ultimate intention in your life, the answers to all these questions will become much clearer. Having an intent will only set you up for success and help you reach your full potential. Your intent should be something you believe in: morals, ethics, and your genuine nature should all be taken into consideration.

Intentions can apply to anything whether its small and specific or big and broad. What are some of your intentions and how have you successfully acted upon them? Comment and let us know your thoughts! We would love to hear them.


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