Who, What, Why

This website is to act as the manifesto of my collections. In my posts you will find some of my refined inspirations, thought processes and most importantly the “why” to my works.

Make sure to visit our website at gettaylord.com for more!


Who We Are: Gokotta Design is a contemporary fashion house that designs leisurewear for men and women with handcrafted textiles. Our clothing is made with high quality bamboo fabric that is handprinted then draped and drafted into garments crafted using a minimalistic style that puts a twist on your wardrobe essentials.


What We Stand For: Gokotta is a Swedish term that means to wake up early to hear the first song of the birds. Our clothing line is inspired by the Nordic lifestyle and the question: If you knew you had to live off of the items in your backpack, what would you pack? We make clothes with the intention of slow fashion and sustainability, clothing that has the quality and timelessness to last in your wardrobe.


Why We Do It: The Gokotta Design line is created with handcrafted textiles to represent the journey we begin when we wake up each morning. Our philosophy is to strip down to the basics and not exhaust the resources of our planet. It is essential that we select the right tools to live respectfully towards the planet. Gokotta Design is here to guide you in this lifestyle.


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