West Ahead

Lauren will be my partner in this escapade where we will be exploring the West Coast: from Oregon through Washington, Northern California, all the way down to the South of Cali in one big camper van. During the summer we will be prepping, preparing and saving for our big adventure where we will be documenting the natural essentials we find and use for our daily routines. … More West Ahead

Cycle of Your Habits

Take a step back and look at the reoccurring situations that seem to keep happening to you. You will find a pattern of some type and hopefully be able to notice the trigger (whether it be good or bad). Triggers can be something as simple as maintenance (or lack there of). Maintenance is something that seems like it takes … More Cycle of Your Habits

Fine Day For Fall

September 22, 2016 is this year’s first day of Fall Here is a sneak peak of our Autumn/Winter 2016/17 Collection at Gokotta Design. We wish you a Happy Fall! It is a bittersweet time of the year; a transition from one amazing season to another. Whether you are going back to school this year or not this Fall, Autumn … More Fine Day For Fall

7 Tips From Fall

It’s the time of the year where the days are becoming noticeably shorter, the nights crisper and we are about to be reminded by the trees how beautiful it is to let things go. 1. The process of letting something go is beautiful. One phrase: growing pains. 2. The power of Color The bright hues aren’t only … More 7 Tips From Fall

High Tide Low

Like water, humans are fluid, we are not static beings. Not Everything Lasts Forever and that’s a very good thing if it doesn’t. The Ups and Downs Are What Keeps Us Going They give us momentum to reach our highest peaks. Balance comes in time and without trying too hard… Let the Waves Roll On and go with the … More High Tide Low